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Introducing GRASS SUN - a warm and inviting handwritten brush font that radiates charm and personality. With its fluid strokes and organic feel, GRASS SUN adds a touch of handmade authenticity to any project.

This delightful font captures the essence of carefree creativity, as if each letter were lovingly crafted with a paintbrush on a sunny afternoon. The brush strokes flow effortlessly, creating a sense of movement and energy that breathes life into every word.

GRASS SUN's playful yet refined style makes it a perfect choice for a variety of applications. Whether you're designing greeting cards, invitations, posters, or branding materials, this font adds a unique touch of character and warmth.

Each letter is meticulously crafted to maintain a balance between legibility and artistic flair, ensuring that your message shines through while still retaining the handwritten charm of the font.

With its sunny disposition and versatile design, GRASS SUN is sure to brighten up any project and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Embrace the warmth and vibrancy of this delightful handwritten brush font, and let your creativity shine!

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Basic Latin A-Z and a-z




To enable the OpenType Stylistic alternates, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Indesign & CorelDraw X6-X7. tutorial here

There are additional ways to access alternates, using Character Map (Windows), Nexus Font (Windows), Font Book (Mac), or a software program such as PopChar (for Windows and Mac).

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me by email hi

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